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About Us

2 Scale Fabrications was started by Josh Raut in 2008. We are based out of Upstate New York in a large dairy farming region. Josh had been a collector for several years and saw a need for more accurate and detailed replicas. The original replicas were built from styrene plastic and glued together by hand which was tedious work.

2 Scale Fabrications has evolved and is now using 3D printing technology. This new technology allows complex shapes and details that were never before possible. Creating unique scale models has now become a full time endeavor. Josh is focused on providing scale models collectors can be proud to show off.


How it works!

The process starts with extensive research into the equipment. This includes things like web research, reviewing literature, and finding and measuring the real product. This research is done with the goal of creating a replica that completely captures the products details and features.



We design your replica on the leading 3D engineering software. This allows the replica to have all the complex shapes and details just like the real thing.

Once the design is finalized it is sent off for 3D printing. This is done on some of the best 3D printers available to get the highest quality and detail.


The printed parts assembled and painted to match the OEM colors.

Final assembly is done adding the small details and moving parts. A final inspection is done to ensure the moving parts and paint are finished properly before shipping.