Saving memories with a custom 1/64 fertilizer truck!

Saving memories with a custom 1/64 fertilizer truck!

A client recently asked if we could do a custom fertilizer tender truck for a long time friend.

He emailed some pictures of what the truck looks like in real life.  The tank was almost identical to our liquid fertilizer tender tank and the truck was an International day cab.

International Fertilizer Tender Truck

Because we had a short time frame we went with a easy to find GreenLight Workstar truck in 1/64th scale.  

Once finished we added custom made decals to the side of the truck.  These decals were matched exactly to the Key Cooperative logo on the real truck.

This was a fun custom build!  These will go on a display shelf and bring back memories for lots of years to come. 

If you have a  custom built truck or farm implement you're looking for send me an email at  Be sure to include pictures of what you're looking to have made.