What's Needed to Have Your Custom Model Made?

What's Needed to Have Your Custom Model Made?

Are you a farm toy collector looking to preserve a memory from your farming days?  Or a company looking to promote your products with a custom scale model?

Scale models are an awesome way to promote your business and to share memories.

There are 5 things we need to get started on your scale model.

  1. Model Number and SpecsThe first thing that we need is to know the exact model number and specs that you are looking for.  For example if you want a model of a silage trailer you would give us the model number, length of trailer and side wall height.You could also include the color or paint scheme you are looking for.
  2. Pictures/ Videos Next we need clear pictures of any graphics on the real thing.
  3. Graphics: If you have access to the actual decal graphics files that means we can just scale them down to make the decals exact matches to the real equipment.  If not, you can provide clear pictures of any graphics you want included on the model.  We will
  4. Dimensions are needed to make sure the model is made completely to scale. We want it to be as accurate as possible.  The easiest form of this is the actual line drawings for the equipment.  These are sometimes found on the company’s website or in sales literature.
  1. Key Features. We want you to love your scale model.  Sometimes there are key features to the real thing that you want to make sure are included in the model.  Anything like moving parts or a choice of tires helps us to know exactly how to design the model.

Please contact us before you collect all of this information so that we can let you know if the product is something we are able to take on. 

We do have a waiting list for custom designs so it is always best to contact us ahead of time to ensure you get the model when you need it.

If you have any questions please contact us at info@2scalefab.com